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Days Till Valentines Day

Big Webstore Sale!
50% Off
Knight - $1.50
Prince / Princess - $2.50
King / QUeen - $3.50

By cpk03, 28 days ago
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We have made a general survey for those who are interested. This survey is for us get feedback about various aspects on the server.
If you complete the survey, you will be put into a giveaway for a free rank!

Click here
to visit the survey!

By cpk03, about 1 month ago
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Website Update: 11/11/18

Unfortunately due to unseen issues and errors, we have lost the database our old site storage was on resulting us losing everything on v2 pre4. We are sorry for this and will try our best to bring back anything lost from the old site.


By cpk03, 2 months ago
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